Summer 2011 Recap

Wow, it’s been a while since putting anything up here. It’s been a busy and interested summer on many levels.

I made another career change moving to Harmony Fitness in Toronto,

The Yard Performance Training had another incredible summer of training and is the real reason for this post. We trained 5 days a week from May 4th until August 19th when everyone headed off to training camps or back to school.

I can proudly say, once again, that every single athlete with us worked their butts off all summer and made even bigger strides in their development than last summer. We had personal bests across the board, a 4.36 40-yard dash at the CIS East-West Bowl Combine, 500+ lbs deadlift for reps and other lifting records on a regular basis.

The thing that stands out most in my eyes is that we staying completely injury free with every athlete and were able to strength and rehabilitate any existing injury.

Daily mobility work, foam rolling and flexibility training were the three keys to the success we had as a group this summer. Everyone was committed to the plan, stuck to the program, intensities and rest intervals. Modifications were made on the fly based on each athlete’s abilities ad intensity tolerance each day to avoid overtraining.

Guys to watch out for this year:

Saxon Lindsey and Jazz Lindsey, Guelph Gryphons Football

Anton Bennett and Shamawd Chambers, Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks Football

Ryan Gottschalk and Josh Domingues, St. Mary’s Huskies Hockey

Matt Reid, Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks Hockey

Jamie Kendra, Markham Waxers Junior A Hockey

Tyler Gubb, Michigan Tech Univeristy Hockey

Joe Pleckaitis, Carleton University Hockey

Kris Robertson, Concordia University Football

Thanks again for another great summer of training and good luck this season boys!

Train Hard, Train Smart and Recover

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