Is Yoga the best option?

Yes many of the positions used in my, any many other coaches, mobility warm-ups are drills are based around yoga poses. Yes yoga can provide some the ability to “find their breath,” create a better mind-body connection, and improve flexibility and posture. Yes YOGA CAN HURT YOU!

I have minimal experience with yoga, but enough to tell you that, much like personal training, it’s all about finding the right instructor. In one experience, aside from dying of heat exhaustion in the hot yoga studio, the instructor did not structure her class very well. Poses were held for a period of time on one side, then double the length of time or not at all on the other. When I left the studio, I felt even more twisted around than I do on a daily basis. That being said, as a healthy, in-shape younger adult, if I feel the negative effects of the session immediately, I can only imagine the stress it can place on some of the bodies of older individuals with health issues or structural deficiencies.

Rule to live by when it comes to exercise: If it hurts, don’t do it. But there is a difference between muscle tension development pain, stretch reflex pain and actual pain that has a negative effect. The pain in your quads during the last reps of a squat set is completely different than the shooting pain in your lower back from deadlifting improperly or too much weight.

Check out this article about how yoga can, and will wreck your body:

Train Hard, Train Smart and Recover

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