Brad Corcoran MS, CSCS is a Strength and Conditioning Coach based in the Greater Toronto Area.

Brad grew up an athlete, married an athlete and is raising his kids to be athletes as well. That being said, he has always been involved in some form of athletic event in some way or another. He started out as a kid playing everything under the sun, focusing on hockey, volleyball and golf as he grew older. Eventually the hockey was dropped, quickly followed by volleyball when he realized that he was pretty good at hitting a little white ball into 4.25″ hole.

Golf led Brad to Long Island University where he competed for the Blackbirds as a member of the Men’s Golf team from 2001-2005 setting numerous school records and led the team to the 2004 Northeast Conference Championship and NCAA East Regional. Brad was also a two-time All-Northeast Conference Team member as a top performer in the conference. After completing his education, Brad competed on the Great Lakes Tour in Southern Ontario for 3 seasons before retiring from a career of competitive golf.

While at LIU, Brad completed a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology, graduating at the top of his class and being awarded the Health Science Department Award for Academic Excellence and a Bachelor of Science in Sport Science. During his graduate study, Brad played an integral role in the development of the Human Performance Lab, conducting numerous fitness assessments on students and faculty members for both research and educational means. During this time, Assistant Professor Dr. David Spierer, fellow grad student Kevin Duffy and Brad collected and analyzed information regarding reaction times to visual versus audio stimuli which was compiled in a study published in the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Brad has and currently works with individuals from all walks of life. From 12 year old athletes to NHL hockey players and Olympic hopefuls to individuals simply looking to improve their quality of life and fitness.

Brad brings a functionally integrated approach to training. His sessions include a variety of new school training techniques with a blend of “old school” strength exercises to improve not only the physical fitness, but the performance and overall health of his clients. Brad incorporates a number of mobility drills to help improve joint stability, balance, posture, and body control into every training session.

Brad is constantly trying to improve both his and his clients abilities through daily research and practical application of new training techniques. In an industry where you can never stop learning, Brad is trying to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best opportunities for his clients to succeed.

When not in the gym, Brad enjoys spending time with his family and still plays competitive baseball, hockey and volleyball.


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