Awesome Articles to Read

Never stop learning. This is the mantra of any Fitness Professional.

When I say Fitness Professional, I don’t mean any run of the mill Personal Trainer. Fitness Professionals are those who consider this a career and are trying to improve their abilities on a daily basis. This is what sets us apart from the others in this industry. We are always learning, tweaking movements, looking for ways to improve the abilities of our clients.

That being said, here are some great articles that I came across this morning:

Break Up Those Hips and Fix That Squat by Adam Vogel gives some great exercise progressions and tips to improve hip mobility.

The MOST FAULTY PATTERN in the Fitness Industry had NOTHING TO DO with MOVEMENT by Nick Tumminello shows how this industry has and will continue to change.

Training Speed to Get Strong by Eric Cressey because anything this guy says is PURE GOLD!

Exercises You’ve Never Tried – Hamstring and Glute Edition by Ben Bruno. You all know that I preach how imperative the posterior chain is, here are some great new variations to help you get to that next level.

How to Bench – Don’t Press Out of Your Arch by Jim Smith has some great info about keeping your posture for all the bench press lovers out there.

I am going to make this a regular post to provide you with the best information out there and help you weed out some of the jargon that gets posted on a daily basis.

Train Hard, Train Smart and Recover

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