Body Weight Training

Having access to the best clubs and the best equipment is nice, but what can you do if that access is limited or non-existent? Body weight training is the answer. You have all the equipment and resistance you need with you all the time.

Some peripheral equipment, such as the TRX Training System, can be a great compliment to a body weight training program. The TRX ( allows you to use different leverage points to alter the intensity of each exercise. Basically, the more upright you are, the less resistance you will feel. The more parallel you are to the ground will impose a greater resistance when executing a specific movement.

Upper Body Exercises:


Push up topPush up bottom


Pull up bottom Pull-up top

Overhead Extensions

OH extension bottomOH extension top

Front Fly

Front fly bottomFront fly top

Reverse Fly

Reverse fly topreverse fly bottom

Reverse Overhead Extension

Reverse OH extension bottomReverse OH extension top

Lower Body Exercises:

Single Leg Lunge

Single leg lunge topSingle leg lunge bottom

Overhead Squats

OH squat topOH squat bottom

Lateral Split Squats

Lateral split squat topLateral split squat bottom

Single Leg Squats

Single leg squat topSingle leg squat bottom

Hamstring Curls

Hamstring roll bottomHamstring roll top

Core Training Exercises:

Knee Tucks

tuck startKnee tuck finish

Twist + Tuck

tuck startKnee twist   tuck finish


tuck startpike finish

Single Tuck and Twist In

tuck startSingle tuck   twist in mid Single tuck   twist in finish

Reverse Pike

Reverse pike startReverse pike finish

Put together a combination of these exercises to create training programs. Here is an example of a 3 day/week program that incorporates a combination of all the exercises shown above:

Day 1                         Day 2                          Day 3

Exercise Sets Reps Exercise Sets Reps Exercise Sets Reps
Push-Ups 3 12-15 Front Fly 3 12-15 Reverse Fly 3 12-15
Pull-Ups 3 12-15 Reverse OH Extension 3 12-15 Overhead Extension 3 12-15
Single Leg Lunge 3 12-15 Overhead Squats 3 12-15 SL Squat 3 12-15
Hamstring Curls 3 12-15 Lateral Split Squat 3 12-15 Hamstring Curl 3 12-15
Knee Tucks 3 12-15 Twist + Tuck 3 12-15 Single Tuck + Twist In 3 12-15
Reverse Pikes 3 12-15 Pikes 3 12-15 Reverse Pikes 3 12-15
Skipping 3 60s Jumping Jacks 3 60s Skipping 3 60s

Perform these exercises as a circuit, doing one set of each exercise with no rest between each, to increase the cardiovascular benefit to this program. Exercises can also be done as supersets, push-ups followed immediately by pull-ups, with a rest between each set. Alter your training sequence each week to avoid hitting plateaus in your development.

Train Smart, Train Hard and Recover