“For the last number of off-season I have trained with Brad five days a week. His dedication in making me a bigger, faster, and stronger athlete has paid tremendous dividends in my hockey career. He has been instrumental in taking me from the Junior A level to the NCAA Division 1 stage. He has been more than just a trainer to me, he has become a good friend. His dedication does not stop after the off-season as he sends me in season training programs to keep me strong and healthy throughout the year. I trust Brad in every physical training decision he makes as he continues to help me reach higher levels of competition.”

-Tyler Gubb, NCAA Division I Hockey (Michigan Tech)

“Using Brad Corcoran’s program this off season has been a great experience. I am currently in week 12 and I’m already seeing more development from a physical standpoint than I did by the end of my off season program last summer. Every 3 weeks we get a new rotation of exercises and every time the program gets harder and better! Can’t wait to see how much I will progress before going into the next season in September.”

-Saxon Lindsey, CIS Football (Wilfrid Laurier/Guelph)

“Training with Brad Corcoran, and using his off-season program has been amazing. It has given my body the balance it needs to survive during the CIS Season, as well as playing above the level of requirement you need to be a successful player in Football. His 12-week program has built more development from a physical outlook then I have ever seen before on my body. I will continue my training with Brad because I believe with the help of his programs and personal help, I will one day make it to the pro level. He is that good.”

-Shamawd Chambers, CIS Football (Wilfrid Laurier), 2 time OUA All-Star

“I have been training under Brad Corcoran for about a year and have seen continuous results. Currently I am concluding phase two of a four phase strength and conditioning program. Through the first two phases I have not only seen improvements with my physical look but also the way I perform on the field. The training Brad puts his athletes through may be difficult and tiring on the body but is definitely one that relates to and transfers over to athletic performance. Training with Brad will not only get you ready for your upcoming season, but it will put you on another level compared to your opponents. Personally, I cannot wait to see what Brad has up his sleeves for the summer. If you are looking for a way to add that extra component to your game, Brad is definitely the trainer you want to assist you.”

-Anton Bennett, CIS Football (Wilfrid Laurier)

“I highly recommend Brad and A4A to train yourself or your team as a whole to help prepare for your upcoming season. We weren’t always the best team on the pitch but we were always the fittest and it showed in the standings.”

-Justin McCartney, Markham Rugby Football Club

“Brad is the best personal trainer ever. He motivates without over pushing. He is extremely creative and he comes up with new and fun routines. Brad is always prompt, polite respectful and funny. I highly recommend Brad for any job in the fitness industry and beyond.”

-Rami G.


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